North Korea, Persecution, and Insider Movements: James Cha

What is the Korean Pentecost? Is Korea under divine judgment? And what does any of this have to do with Insider movements in the Islamic world? We tackle some massive topics with missionary and author James T. Cha of the Crescent Project, author of Fear Not. Rev. James Cha was born in Pusan, Korea, and immigrated toContinue reading “North Korea, Persecution, and Insider Movements: James Cha”

Exposing and Fixing Pragmatism in Movements

We hear stories of explosive growth through rapid-reproduction techniques like disciple-making movements (DMM)/church-planting movements (CPM) from various parts of the world. Are all of these stories true? Is pragmatism driving some missionaries? This week, we talk to Brad, a missionary from South Asia, who shares his first-hand perspective seeing pragmatic methods in action and howContinue reading “Exposing and Fixing Pragmatism in Movements”

Paul Davis on Why Baptism Matters to Missions

Is baptism the most neglected part of the Great Commission? In this conversation, Paul Davis of ABWE shares why cross-cultural workers are tempted to neglect this ordinance among the least-reached—and how steeping ourselves in Scripture’s teaching on baptism can solve the problem. Want to ask a question or suggest a topic? Email us. The Missions PodcastContinue reading “Paul Davis on Why Baptism Matters to Missions”

The Dangers of Insider Bible Translations: The Arlington Statement

Scripture calls Jesus Christ the Son of God and the Lamb slain for sinners. These glorious names run directly counter to the sensibilities of those belonging religions including Islam and Hinduism. Should Bible translators soften these words and concepts to contextualize God’s word? The framers of the recently-published Arlington Statement on Bible Translation say no.Continue reading “The Dangers of Insider Bible Translations: The Arlington Statement”

Insider Movements: Definitions and Dangers With Matthew Bennett

Can you identify as “socio-culturally Muslim” while still following Christ—and making disciples? That question lies at the heart of the Insider Movement methodology. In this episode, Matt Bennett joins to offer definitions and explain the dangers of the Insider Movement and provide practical guidance for pastors and missionaries navigating these controversial waters. Dr. Matthew BennettContinue reading “Insider Movements: Definitions and Dangers With Matthew Bennett”

How Iran’s Underground Church Is Miraculously Growing

Announcement: It’s the show’s first birthday! As a way of thanking our loyal listeners, we’re giving away some great, free books and spiffy, new ABWE swag. Click here for details and to enter our drawing. The Islamic revolution of the 1970’s plunged Iran into a state of political and spiritual darkness, but God’s kingdom hasn’tContinue reading “How Iran’s Underground Church Is Miraculously Growing”

How Much Contextualization Is Too Much?

Today in missions there’s a lot of talk about contextualization. The “C scale” developed by John Travis makes a case for so-called insider movements—professing believers in the Islamic world who follow Jesus, yet remain culturally and religiously Muslim. Is that biblical? How can we adapt the gospel to new cultures—and how far is too far?