#RMC22: Brooks Buser on Leaving Well

Missions done well means staying the course. So how do you know when it’s time to transition off the field and entrust local believers with leadership? Brooks Buser, president of Radius International, discusses his experience among the YembiYembi people in Papua New Guinea at the recent Radius International Missiology Conference. Watch the video version ofContinue reading “#RMC22: Brooks Buser on Leaving Well”

T4G22: Why National Partnerships? David Prairie on Live Global

Missions is no longer from the West to the rest—it’s from everywhere, to everywhere. In this T4G exclusive, Live Global missionary David Prairie explains why their model is challenging traditional missions assumptions. You can watch the video version of this episode on the Missions Podcast Facebook page. Subscribe now to never miss an episode when it drops.Continue reading “T4G22: Why National Partnerships? David Prairie on Live Global”

Jesus, Ukraine, and the Soviet Union: Duane Early

Around the time that the Soviet Union fell, Ukraine experienced massive spiritual revival. Duane Early, who served there as a missionary, is convinced that’s part of the reason Ukraine is being targeted today. In this interview, he explains the current situation in Ukraine, miracles that happened during that revival, lessons learned, and missiological takeaways thatContinue reading “Jesus, Ukraine, and the Soviet Union: Duane Early”

#RMC21: Jim Jordan on Church-Based International Theological Training

We’re live at the Radius Missiology Conference in Minneapolis! How can we train indigenous church leaders abroad without pulling them into the US, from which they never return? In this midweek exclusive, Jim Jordan of Training Leaders International explains. Watch the conference live as it unfolds. Purchase a discounted viewing pass for only $10 at missionspodcast.com/radius.Continue reading “#RMC21: Jim Jordan on Church-Based International Theological Training”

Online Education and Global Theological Famine

One year into the pandemic, it looks like the future of education is, in many respects, virtual. What does that mean for theological and biblical training for the 85% of evangelical pastors worldwide who lack any formal education? Al Cuthbert and Rob Hayden of Horizon Education Network join the show this week to explain howContinue reading “Online Education and Global Theological Famine”

What’s Happening to Myanmar and Why It Matters for Missions

A military coup is underway in Myanmar—a Buddhist nation nestled in the heart of the 10/40 Window. What does the junta mean for the cause of Christian missions, and how is the Burmese church responding? ABWE missionary John (last name withheld) with Live Global returns to the show to explain. To support the work ofContinue reading “What’s Happening to Myanmar and Why It Matters for Missions”

How Technology Is Transforming Missions

According to statistics, more than 4.6 billion people on the planet now have internet access—and many of them live among unreached people groups. How does that reshape the way we approach missions? And how can now-commonplace tools like Zoom help Christians in the West invest in fellow believers in hard-to-reach places? Andrew C., executive director for Live Global, sharesContinue reading “How Technology Is Transforming Missions”

Disaster, Discipleship, and the Developing World: Smita Singh on Cyclone Ampham

While our eyes were glued to Western news, Cyclone Ampham struck India and Bangladesh with deadly results. When tragedy strikes in affluent North America, we can recover much more quickly—but what happens to ministries in the developing world when natural disaster strikes? This week, Live Global partner Smita Singh returns to the show to discussContinue reading “Disaster, Discipleship, and the Developing World: Smita Singh on Cyclone Ampham”

Is Christianity a ‘Western Religion’? The Ancient Path in Asia

Throughout southeast Asia, where John m has ministered with ABWE for years, one of the major barriers to the gospel is the misconception that Christianity is a Western or even American religion. Is that true—and if not, how can we counteract that understanding? In this episode, John explains the miraculous story of The Ancient PathContinue reading “Is Christianity a ‘Western Religion’? The Ancient Path in Asia”