Exposing and Fixing Pragmatism in Movements

We hear stories of explosive growth through rapid-reproduction techniques like disciple-making movements (DMM)/church-planting movements (CPM) from various parts of the world. Are all of these stories true? Is pragmatism driving some missionaries? This week, we talk to Brad, a missionary from South Asia, who shares his first-hand perspective seeing pragmatic methods in action and howContinue reading “Exposing and Fixing Pragmatism in Movements”

Paul Davis: Why the Gospel Must Be ‘Preached’

In the missions community, we all believe the gospel must be spread. But there is increasing resistance to the idea of “preaching” or “proclaiming” the gospel with authority and simplicity. Why is that? ABWE President Paul Davis joins Scott and Alex this week to explain what is burdening him and what he’s seeing in the heart ofContinue reading “Paul Davis: Why the Gospel Must Be ‘Preached’”

From Africa to the Abortion Clinic: Anthony Mathenia on Suffering and the Sovereignty in Evangelism

Anthony Mathenia ministered faithfully in Ethiopia as a missionary, but the pragmatism and watering-down of the gospel he saw from his fellow cross-cultural workers worried him. He was charting a new course—until God’s sovereignty directed him elsewhere, and the sudden passing of his wife brought him back to the U.S. to raise their children. NowContinue reading “From Africa to the Abortion Clinic: Anthony Mathenia on Suffering and the Sovereignty in Evangelism”

The Tragic Fruit of Liberalism in Missions: Mark Tatlock Explains

We often talk about the state of theology in the American church, but what about on the mission field? In this episode, Mark Tatlock, president of The Master’s Academy International (TMAI), explains why there is reason for rejoicing but also much concern—and how the root of many heresies overseas can be traced to a gradualContinue reading “The Tragic Fruit of Liberalism in Missions: Mark Tatlock Explains”

Zane Pratt: Are Explosive Disciple-Making Movements Really Healthy?

You’ve probably heard that Muslims are coming to Christ throughout the Islamic world in record numbers, many of them prompted by dreams and visions. Perhaps you’ve also heard of related disciple-making movements and church-planting movements that report exponential multiplication of converts and fledgling churches. But what’s the real story behind these stats, and are these explosive growth movements really healthy and biblical? Zane Pratt joins us today to answer.