Spiritual Warfare in the News: A Missions Perspective

Headlines across the world are telling a single story: spiritual forces of darkness want to dominate the nations. How should Christians read global news with an awareness of Christ as Lord and a missionary heart? Alex Kocman and Scott Dunford navigate some of the top stories and seek to model a Christian response to worldContinue reading “Spiritual Warfare in the News: A Missions Perspective”

Ukraine From the Ground: Caleb Suko Reports

Watch the video version of this episode here. Tensions are rising between Ukraine and Russia. The US is considering involvement. What does that mean for Christian workers and churches in Ukraine? Caleb Suko, pastor and ABWE worker, shares his first-hand perspective. Since 2007 Caleb has served as a missionary in Odessa, Ukraine where he isContinue reading “Ukraine From the Ground: Caleb Suko Reports”

Special Episode: How Does Coronavirus Affect Missions?

Note: With the ever-changing nature of the COVID-19 situation, some of the information in this podcast may now be outdated. For the latest on ABWE’s response to the novel coronavirus pandemic, see here. For the latest medical facts and figures, please refer to the U.S. CDC or WHO.​ With global health and economic implications, how should Christian missionaries throughout Asia and beyond respondContinue reading “Special Episode: How Does Coronavirus Affect Missions?”