The Dangers of Syncretism and How to Avoid It

Do rapid disciple-making techniques run the risk of welcoming syncretism into new churches by failing to teach new converts to forsake their former idols? It’s no light question, with no easy answers—but there is hope. Scripture is not silent. This week, Scott and Alex discuss “The Potential Risk of Syncretism in Church Planting Movements” byContinue reading “The Dangers of Syncretism and How to Avoid It”

How to Be a Next-Level Sending Church

Click here to watch the video version of this episode. In this episode, ABWE President Paul Davis sits down (virtually) with Alex Kocman and Scott Dunford for a GARBC 2020 conference breakout session on global missions and how churches can become next-level senders. To learn more about the Live Global adopt-an-unreached-people-group initiative, visit AndContinue reading “How to Be a Next-Level Sending Church”